Eagle Troop Properties

Your Perfect Partner for All Your Real Estate Needs

Owning an investment property is a significant obligation. We have formed relationships, by
developing partnerships with local real estate agents, tax professionals, real estate attorneys,and sub-contractors to help keep the operating costs of your investment property to a minimum. 

We provide a dedicated staff that is ready and willing to work diligently to ensure a positive growth rate in your investment properties. We pledge to always offer competitive management rates, top quality professionalism to all our clients. 

Management services

We represent landlords, renters, and conduct property management services. We provide marketing and filling of vacancies, negotiating tenants lease contracts, and maintaining your properties.

Our staff is familiar with all Massachusetts laws and regulations regarding landlord and tenant responsibilities. Our competitive management rates are unprecedented in the industry. Management rates are only 8%-10% of gross rental income. Industry rates average 12%-16%

How we Manage Your Properties